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Nicky’s Profile & Testimonials


Allround Trainer, Specialized In Customer Service

Mr Nikolas Cassimon, or Nicky, as people call him, has an imposing track record that is both colorful, impressive and inspiring. Of Belgian / American parentage, Nicky’s vast work experiences spanning over 35 years around the globe, he held various key positions as Training Manager, Sports-Events and Entertainment Director, Operations Manager, Chief of Security, Project Manager and Animal Trainer. Starting out in the international hospitality industry in 1984, Nicky has worked with many global brands.

His former Employers include :

  • Global Hospitality Services United States, Hotel Interim Management in the Caribbean
  • Hotel Mirage as Stage Master for the Siegfried and Roy Show, White Tiger Show (Las Vegas)
  • Hotel Excalibur as Stage Master (Las Vegas)
  • Disneyland as a Small World Manager (Orlando USA)
  • Disney Animal Kingdom as Animal Trainer and Ranger (Orlando USA)
  • Universal Studio’s as Stunt Show coordinator (Orlando USA)
  • Sun International Group, Johannesburg, as Stage Master for the shows (South Africa)
  • Fiesta Hotels group Director of Entertainment & Events for three hotels (Ibiza Spain)
  • Barcelo Hotels group in the Caribbean (Nicaragua, Mexico and Dominican Republic)
  • LTI Hotels group, LTI-Patra Jasa Indonesia and LTI-Costa Caribe Beach (Venezuela)
  • Palm Resort Sofitel Hotel in Team Building and Training programs (Johor Baru Malaysia)
  • Heritage Group in Project Manager for the Voyager Beach Resort (Mombasa Africa)
  • Harpo, Hotel Staff Trainer for major European Hotel Chains (Belgium)
  • Berjaya Group for 3 Years in Bukit Tinggi as Entertainment Manager (Malaysia)
  • Gambang Resort as Director of Operations and later as Director of Wildlife and Education.
  • Consultant for CDO on construction side. (Malaysia)
  • Currently as Trainer for Eurasia-Management better known as TrainingKuantan.com

Nikolas "Nicky" Cassimon
Customer Service Trainer

Learn what others have to say about us

Nicky is a motivational person that will get you on the stage even though you don’t want to be there, but once you are on the stage you’ll have a good time.

Harry Van Hest

Nicky is the kind of Project Manager everybody dreams of. Always on top of things and within budget.

Erich Dasen
GM Voyager Beach Resort

I have a very efficient Human Resource Manager who one day told me : I would describe Nicky as a tornado. Sweeps the place clean and builds it even better than before. I agreed.

Clive Harrington
GM White Sands Hotel

You took photos and videos of all broken items, faults and dirty places. Then showed it to the staff in the training room and needless to say that people did not like what they saw. A technique I have never seen before, but it really improved the quality of our service.

Frederick Genberg
General Manager

As he stepped in as a foreigner I thought for sure he would fail – different culture, different style, different environment. Boy was I wrong!

Cristobal Mendoza
Managing Director

Working with Nikolas is a pleasure because of his professionalism, dynamic personality, his punctuality and years of experience.


Larry Brown
Executive Director

He always looks angry like a grumpy old man, has the energy of a young man with a never ending motivation. But he makes sure he gets the job done no matter what. My kind of guy.


Alfredo Landa
President of the Company

How to describe……simple strategies, straight forward, honest, transparent, effective, hard working.

Habdul Nassir