E-1025, First Floor, Jalan Wong Ah Jang, 25150, Kuantan, Pahang
+60 19-392 7847


Are you a large company?

We are a small, fast growing company. Only highly skilled, multi-talented narrators, speakers and trainers.

Can you provide services outside of Kuantan?

Yes, we provide services Nationwide.

Are courses done in English only?

No, our international trainers speak a variety of languages. Trainings can be conducted in Bahasa Malayu and English depending on speakers.

Can you provide Training rooms for us?

We use different Training facilities around Kuantan. Depending the number of participants.

We can also provide training in any hotel of your preferences, or in-house trainings at your premises.

Do you sell Training Packages ?

Yes, our training packages are available for Trainers and HR related staff. Click on the homepage on  “Training Packages” to see more information.

Are your courses HRDF claimable?

Yes, look at the logo to see which are claimable.

Is the number of people participating in your training programme / workshop limited?

No, there is no limit on the number of participants. However, to ensure that the programme / workshop is effective and has a positive return, we prefer groups no more than 30 pax per session. Except for the Workshop “Chase-Away Customers” Club for which there is basically no limit in participants.

If we are interested in more than one programme / workshop, is it possible to package these?

All our workshops and sessions are designed based on the client’s requirements. Workshops can be combined and we can suggest a variety of options.

Are your rates expensive?

Having an Expat involved in the company and foreign speakers in our workshops and seminars; one would wonder. But being localized in Malaysia, so are the prices. Thus the answer is no. Our workshops and seminars are very affordable to cater the local market. We are more than happy to discuss the rate with our potential clientele.