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What is the “Chase Away Customers Club” about ?

It’s a Worldwide Club with free membership and members running in the millions.

So what’s the catch ?

We should ask ourselves this Question : How to Chase Away our Customers ? Answer……very easy.

People don’t realize what effect rudeness or indifference has on their businesses when customers come in. And believe me when I say business doesn’t come easy these days.

An unsatisfied customer will tell at least 20 friends, a satisfied one only 5. Do the math.

Customers don’t usually complain straight away. These days they are using Facebook, Blogs and Instagram with devastating results for the company.

This Show / workshop is a reversed way, to inform you and show you, how unaware people are and the consequences of their actions.

Whether we are mindful or not, all these are due to lack of staff training, or commission based employee who don’t really care about your business. Staff with attitude problems, constatly on the phone and no interest in the job, they ignore customers and are rude as well. The customers will not come back.


Presented in a “Fun Live Show” on stage, with a lot of Interaction with the participants.

The chairman of the Club, Nikolas Cassimon, will tell you, inform you, and show you how to become a member.

Done with examples of real life situations. Topics nobody wants to talk about, as the Malaysian Culture is different than the European or American one.

He will point out the mistakes and correct them on the spot.

After you are faced with the facts there will be an Interactive Workshop in the afternoon.

This workshop is intended to correct the situation in your Customer Service challenges.

This is done in an interactive way whereby trough Questions And Answers from the participants, solutions are presented. Personal challenges you may have, are addressed.

Come and see what your business is like or has become. Watch it from the “customers” point of view.

Executed by Nicky and his many years of experience in the field. Professional trainer and speaker. He will show you what goes wrong. He will show you the way only he can.

His methods seem cruel, “bitter to swallow” and very direct, but he “delivers” the reality and gets the message across. If you want to improve your business and revenue, then don’t miss out on this conference.

He doesn’t use tons of paper, endless presentation slides or boring stuff.

No, he takes us to the point of no return, where you say enough is enough, by giving real life examples and to go straight to the core of the problem with solutions at hand.


Chase Away Customers Incorporate.

Try it for your CEO’s, COO’s, managers and executives.


From Customers :

“Confronting people with the truth always works best, well done.”

“ In order to see what’s wrong we have to admit that it’s wrong first. An eye opener to say the least.”

“We all see our faults every day, but it takes someone like you to wake us up.”

“I was shocked to see the point of view from the other side.”

“Chilling…..funny……straightforward….educational. This show is nothing like I have seen before.”

“I expected little but went home with a truck load of solutions.”