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Human Resource Management

As companies modify priorities and operations, human resources functions can move from a dedicated HR role, to that of the manager. Whether the majority of those important functions stays within HR at your organization, or is your responsibility as a manager, it is important that managers understand how much of their role is really about their people, as well as aspects of legislation, policy, and procedures that involve human resourcing issues.

Zurainie Zin
English Trainer

Workshop Objectives

  • Describe the implications of different aspects of Human Resource Management on their daily responsibilities
  • Define human resources terms and subject matter
  • Recruit, interview, and retain employees more effectively
  • Follow up with new employees in a structured manner
  • Be an advocate for your employees’ health and safety
  • Provide accurate, actionable feedback to employees
  • Act appropriately in situations requiring discipline and termination
  • Evaluate some of the strengths and opportunities for Human Resources in your own workplace
  • Identify three areas for further development within the Human Resources field as part of a personal action plan

Training Kuantan Customer Service Workshops Seminars Human Resource Management


  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Human Resources Today
  • Module Three: Recruiting and Interviewing
  • Module Four: Retention and Orientation
  • Module Five: Following Up with New Employees
  • Module Six: Workplace Health & Safety
  • Module Seven: Workplace Bullying, Harassment, and Violence
  • Module Eight: Workplace Wellness
  • Module Nine: Providing Feedback to Employees
  • Module Ten: Disciplining Employees
  • Module Eleven: Terminating Employees

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