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Leadership and Influence

They say that leaders are born, not made. While it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born in the midst of adversity. Often, simple people who have never had a leadership role will stand up and take the lead when a situation they care about requires it.

Clearly, leadership potential exists within each of us. Once you learn the techniques of true leadership, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you.

Leadership is not telling others what to do. Leadership is inspiring others to do what needs to be done. This workshop will explore different leadership theories and examine what makes a great leader.

Leadership addresses tasks, while influence addresses attitudes and awareness. Influence is the soul of leadership.

Zurainie Zin
English Trainer

Workshop Objectives

  • Define “leadership”
  • Explain the Great Man Theory
  • Explain the Trait Theory
  • Understand Transformational Leadership
  • Understand the people you lead and how to adapt your leadership styles
  • Explain leading by Directing
  • Explain leading by Coaching
  • Explain leading by Participating
  • Explain leading by Delegating
  • Kouzes and Posner
  • Conduct a personal inventory
  • Create an action plan
  • Establish personal goals

Training Kuantan Customer Service Workshops Seminars Leadership and Influence


  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: The Evolution of Leadership
  • Module Three: Situational Leadership
  • Module Four: A Personal Inventory
  • Module Five: Inspiring a Shared Vision
  • Module Six: Challenging the Process
  • Module Seven: Enabling Others to Act
  • Module Eight: Encouraging the Heart
  • Module Nine: Basic Influencing Skills
  • Module Ten: Setting Goals

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