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Corporate Training & Workshops

Eurasia Management develops and delivers the necessary soft skills training, to improve your employees’ skills and morale, and business performance.

Training your employees with new abilities to build their self-esteem, keep them motivated and make them feel valued, which will develop loyalty among the employees. It will result in better work safety practices, and better customer service.

Our soft skills trainings / workshops are appropriate for people in any job role or industry. We offer :

Among the soft skills training and workshops available are :

o Change the way you think through everyday business challenges using a creatively structured problem-solving process

o Enhance call centre communication skills to match customers / callers preferences

o Knowledge is limitless. This training will help you to develop the ability to think critically, which is foundation of decision making  and problem solving skills

o Turn angry customers into happy returning customers ! This training program is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company's image or bottom line and make their own lives easier

o A training to improve employees’ immediate performance, re-energize a team or department, help employees have better understanding of their work and what they do matters to the success of the company

o This course provides you with the skills to bring the right people into the right jobs. It also teaches you how to manage the entire recruitment process from A to Z.

o Give your employees an opportunity to develop their self-esteem and confidence that will benefit the company in terms of rapport building, professionalism and image

o Facing difficulties in managing yourself, dealing with challenging people and situations at work? Maintain a successful work environment by learning how to overcome workplace obstacles and applying interpersonal skills to interact with and deal with other people, in order to develop better work relationships.

o This training will help potential and current leaders for the challenges that they will face within and outside the organization, resulting in a more effective, efficient and professional managers for the company.

o A combination of management and writing skills, this training provides the participants with essential skills to have a more productive and effective meeting, from setting the objectives of the meeting to writing the minutes of meeting.

o Explore your own negotiating style and other people’s approach. Learn how to bargain effectively, become fearless negotiators, and learn each step of negotiating process to improve the outcome deals.

o A skill training suitable for busy employees who juggle priorities, deadlines, projects and who want to boost or better control of their productivity. Learn how to gain control of your desk, work station, storage system, priorities, deadlines, and when you are overworked and over committed. An organized employee makes your business activities more professional, effective and efficient.

o A workshop that will cover personal motivation, delegation skills, organization tools, and crisis management and will guide and help the participants regain control of their workload by managing time and interaction with others intelligently.

Workshops duration : 2-3 days

Half day and full day packages available